30 Awesome Platform Bed Ideas & Design

A platform bed can often be something on an underwhelm. While you might be slightly without any type of inspiration within this particular specific niche, there are traits around that can easily help you, regardless of the style and also colour you’re after. Our company’ve dug via the realms of the net to find the most effective, very most thrilling kinds of platform bedrooms, and created what our team count on are actually the 60 ideal designs available. Take pleasure in!

1. Au Natural

This fashionable bedroom idea is actually wonderfully proper for a shabby-chic style area as well as entirely harmonizes the fad of upcycling household furniture. Brought in from what seems like 4 cages, this bedroom appears both incredibly comfy as well as definitely remarkable within the timber settings of the room. Easy, truly sleek and also successful, this is one heck of a cool area, looking present day as well as chilled out.

2. Modern Rustic


A large looking bed along with a very simple frame, this dim hardwood design is intelligent while keeping in always keeping with a relatively low wood style. The remainder of the space appears quite elegant, along with the wallpaper taking effect coming from outdated England as well as the small furniture either edge of the mattress suit the underframe flawlessly. What a charming space.

3. Warm and comfortable and also Simple

Taking impact from an awesome, US-city centre condo, this room is wonderfully present day and also while the bedframe is second best in regards to concept, the traditional appeal functions well within this space. The whole bedroom established is level, along with a small bed mattress and one cushion every side, this room looks much better with every little thing you observe– as an example, the brick work of the wall structure as well as the ground-floor yard outside.

4. Oriental Flare

Some of the most straightforward rooms I’ve ever before viewed, this is just a window, a bed as well as a light. Looking really Asian themed with the unbiased home windows behind the bed, the reddish colour shines through each attribute. The mattress is actually timber, along with simply one sizable door sustained by four small, wooden legs. This space actually satisfies having almost no attributes to it.

5. Trendy Wooden Tones

A stunning, little room that is actually made a lot more unique with the inclusion of the wooden style that carries through the entire area, featuring the bedside compartments and also the headboard of the mattress. The two-tone timber feeling to the attributes is an orderly touch, while the hardwood on the mattress possesses a sense of upcycled furniture. An amazing look for a little space.

6. Chunky Style

As our computer systems, tvs and phones receive smaller sized, this bedroom start-up is proof that even what we reconsider are going to continue to get smaller sized until it at some point fades away. OK, thus maybe not, yet this slim bedroom structure and also slimmer mattress reminds our team quite of a new-age set up. The lumber throughout the whole house looks fantastic when taken in to circumstance along with the lovely, little bedframe.

7. As Simple as it Gets

Another little, slimmer style bedroom, this moment along with a structure also much smaller than the bed, this mattress appears extremely comfy along with the best of the foundation a little larger to store the body weight of the individual, while the base listed below is actually smaller. Although there is actually no room underneath the bedroom for storage, this concept still works really effectively. The colour of the bedroom favors the colour of the wooden flooring wonderfully.

8. Basic Geometrics

An actually weird formed bed, this strong, dark bed frame squeezes the mattress, surrounding it with a small lip, while I consider the highlight below to become the fantastically grant head board on top of the mattress. Created coming from a lot of panels, this wealthy coloured attribute provides the mattress a much more imposing look about it, from an otherwise underwhelming furniture.

9. Beachy Bliss

An additional wonderfully simple piece of work, the surface wood mix of garden framework as well as side drawers operates surprisingly well with this underplayed brickwork condo. Among my favorite bedrooms within the list, this queen bedroom is straightforward but effective, and restrains along with the stripped back believe within the room. One may merely suppose about just how cool the area accesses winter, though.

10. Thick Luxury

This area possesses a whole lot taking place, virtually too much for me to deal with. The panel flooring will be nice on its own, yet when it comes to in combo with the whole lots of various other functions within the area, it just looks demanding and untidy. This also translates to the bedframe, which doesn’t benefit from being actually a completely different style to the floor, operating along with chalk as well as cheese.

11. All About the Grain

This significant, bulky mattress seems like the best resting area after a lengthy time carrying out whatever-the-heck-it-is-you-do. The solid, cloud of a quilt and also cushion only serve to suit the bulky, large yet bed framework. The colour is actually fine, with the remainder of the space features matching wonderfully. A delightful looking bed.

12. Shaker Sensation

Darting right coming from one end of the sphere to the various other, this slim bed looks sickly in contrast to a few of the various other items our team have actually had in today’s listing. An attractive deep, dark furniture, this mattress as well as the colour agrees with the wood cabin feel of the remainder of the room nicely. Although certainly not the largest mattress of all of them all, this slim variety undoubtedly operates properly within this space.

13. All the Small Things

An incredibly small bed with a framework that goes well with the equally small space to perfectness. What we have here appears a lot like a side space, someplace for guests as well as good friend to remain, and because instance this mattress serves that purpose truly well. A plain area, it still looks pleasant good enough.

14. Smart Storage

This appears additional like a public library than a bedroom, as well as I am actually still pertaining to the garden framework itself, certainly not thinking about the true mini-library that composes the semi-headboard. The whole circumstance using this bedroom is very difficult. There’s a need for storage space in every space, granted, however this base certainly takes the cookie. No person needs this much room, and also to become this higher up. Not one thing I will be actually ordering in a hurry!

15. Ultra-Modernesque

An additional remarkably present day part of providing that I would enjoy to invite my own property, the much larger foundation sustains the mattress effectively, and also while it may be a bit low down (your feet could possibly touch the flooring while slightly putting your legs away from the mattress), this is only an actually orderly, wonderful item of bed linens that works properly with the colour of the area overall. Light violets are actually unwinding, and also’s precisely how this room experiences.

16. Low Rider

The bed on its own is in fact quite pleasant, but the corner of this particular room is worrying. While the wardrobe is actually a wonderful colour and also matches the bed truly well, it’s exceptionally imposing relevant of being actually normally frightful. The serious shortage of everything else in the room is actually a weird state of occasions, while the mattress on its own is a little bit of distorted, it is actually still a pleasant furniture.

17. Rustic Storage

Another rather sizable mattress, and room that seems to be to intimidate me with the large quantity of things-to-space ratio. The bed on its own is actually large, and also while the timber is actually a stunning colour, and matches a lot of the various other outfitting around the area, it suffers where a couple of various other of the areas experience because there is actually way too much of the exact same factor taking place, however.

18. Sizable Beauty

This is actually such a hugely exciting bed since it’s a strange shape, an unique colour within a hugely distinct setting. The room itself is really lovely, and with the masonry and also outdoor views, you can easily tell this is a high-class area. The bed keeping an eye out over the view is actually excellent, as well as the structure and cushion on their own look amazing. It is actually a terrific appearing bed in an even far better looking area.

19. On the Rails

This is actually a straight-up, no extravagances mattress. Great sufficient, a very powerful colour along with the base developed coming from slats, there is actually stone’s throw you may make a mistake with this bedroom. A wonderful tip for an additional room as the frame is actually really simple, however still wonderful sufficient to cherish in various other spaces, just perhaps not elegant enough to make it as a fully-fledged master bedroom piece.

20. A Bachelor’s Dream

This floating bed frame is a trendy component that matches exceptionally properly along with a stylish space. Significantly appearing like any person’s optimal undergraduate lodging, this GQ-in-real-life type space provides considerably by way of jealousy. The mattress looks quite comfortable while still looking slimmer, sophisticated and also fashionable. Along with little bit of by the way of clutter, this area is just one of the best rooms on my checklist.

21. It’s All an Illusion

This bed has a truly great overhang feel which makes it appear unsturdy, however feel me it’s fine. A comfy looking bedroom along with the bed mattress suitable properly within the structure, this stylish and great looking bedroom matches the streamlined and well pivoted area actually well. A cool-as-hell head board with a timber coating arounds this entire set off nicely.

22. Transforming Japanese

Of each of the frameworks that appear as though they’re floating, this is my favorite. The stand at the top of the mattress and also underneath the mattress give this a definitely amazing, spaced-out feeling to it. As you can find aware, this bed looks flawlessly ideal for a child’s space or an additional room. The wise head board matches the tidy design completely providing the entire bedroom a truly ace sense.

23. Sorta Spacey

Totally special are actually looking really impressive and pivoted towards the edges, this garden part is a fantastic and stylish number. This metropolitan apartment or condo type area is actually very minimal, as you can easily view there’s scarcely anything therein, yet the grey colour provides it a shockingly bright sense in the sunlight. Appearing additional like a big sleeper sofa than a real master bedroom bed, this bed mattress is actually within the frame of the mattress.

24. Bare Bones

Really modern yet if anything a bit bare, this garden along with a steel framework is actually a casual style with 4 marginal legs underneath the foundation to provide it that sensation of floating in the air. The headboard functions well along with the remainder of the bed– suggesting it doesn’t provide anything particularly special– however along with a comparable coloured room in the home this bedroom will fit good and also appropriately.

25. Do It Yourself Delight

Again another totally marginal floating bed, through this opportunity a lumber coating, the distinction in between this mattress as well as others is actually that this is in fact pretty high off the ground. The addition of 2 little side dining tables– one either side of the bed– is actually a wonderful little bit of attribute, and the headboard while certainly not particularly distinct, includes a great coating to the whole bed. A cool little bit of variety.

26. SciFi Sleigh

An additional remarkable design, this mattress looks as though it seems like it is actually folding back on itself slightly towards to bottom. Which will be a great deal a lot more comfortable than resting on the ridges if you appear close sufficient the bed is in fact within the lavish concept. Proper in perfectly along with what seems like a sitting room, this swish furniture is actually a great enhancement to any sort of home.

27. International Simplicity

I really enjoy this mattress and also room, it appears definitely gorgeous. It has a fairly European sense to it, while the garden on its own is a floating framework with a truly professional, wonderful surface. Overlapping the mattress on the bedroom, you can barely view the lower legs on the underbelly of the base.

28. Zazzy Zebrawood

Another modern enhancement to this checklist, the wood functions within this room make for yet another somewhat over the top feeling. While other home furniture on this checklist appears fairly mind-boggling, this does not, it just deals with the big timber doors on the far side of the area, typically this is actually a wonderful little room.

29. Lux Leather

The dark brownish elegant bedroom on this photo appears a lot more like a long, slim bean-bag than anything I’ve ever found prior to, however it absolutely functions well. The whole room on its own is totally reduced, the lack of mess gives this an actual Asian feeling, and resembles the excellent location to practice meditation or even take some down attend natural relaxation.

30. Classy Florals

The wordy garden structure in this particular following photo is a bit too much for me, however I perform view the attraction. This stylish bedroom appears cool, fresh and significantly like a vacation home, however in the most effective means possible. The gorgeous wood flooring is actually the main feature in this room where the bed may be actually a little lost.

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