Just How Cabinet Refacing Works: The Basic Process

1. Cupboard Refacing: Before and After

It’s the primary inquiry coming from any type of resident thinking about cabinetry refacing for a kitchen remodel: “But carries out cupboard refacing look any good eventually?”

Going by these before-and-after photos coming from a house in Phoenix, AZ, the results appear exceptional. In the “previously” image, we can observe that the cabinet cartons were in fairly good shape. This house owner wanted to improve the cabinetries’ appeal as well as switch out warped/separating doors.

The “after” photograph reveals a kitchen where brand new closet hardware, brand new doors as well as cabinets, as well as re-skinned cabinetry cartons combine to make a kitchen that appears just about brand-new. If you look very closely, though, you’ll view that the property owner maintained the very same counters, flooring, paint– also the clock. Yet since cabinetries have such an effective effect on a kitchen’s total graphic cosmetic, it looks like a whole brand-new home kitchen. Considering that cabinetries may occupy 75 percent or even more of a kitchen space’s wall structure area, that’s.

Adjustment cabinetries, alter the appearance of your kitchen. Closet refacing is an effective, economical happy medium between simply coating the cupboards and also mature (as well as incredibly costly) cupboard substitute.


Basics: What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinets feature containers, doors, compartments, and also hardware. In cabinet refacing, a timber or even laminate “skin” is actually applied to the outside of the boxes.

This skin comes in the adhering to 4 forms:

PSA laminates: a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) lumber veneer often referred to as “catch and strip.”

Common laminates: timber veneer, like above, however without the pre-applied adhesive. This veneer is actually applied to the cupboards along with solvent-based or even water based contact concrete.

Laminate center plyboard: 1/8-inch or even 1/4-inch veneer plywood through-and-through.

MDF primary plywood: 1/4-inch or even 1/8-inch MDF topped along with attractive laminate.

It’s very likely the refacing provider will utilize sheets of laminate center plyboard (# 3), however check with them to make certain.

In addition to using new “skin layers,” doors and cabinet fronts (or even the whole entire compartments) are actually fully switched out. You can easily re-use existing hardware (meaning handles, handles, and also such), but most residents decide on to instal brand new hardware.

Prices and DIY Possibilities

Cupboard refacing isn’t low-priced– an aspect that the Arizona house owner intended to stress and anxiety. One cabinet refacing provider, Kitchen Magic, tells us that cost of cupboard refacing can run 40 to 50 per-cent lower than that of a total cabinet replacement project.

What concerning DIY cupboard refacing? Undoubtedly, closet refacing does not produce Thomas Chippendale-type outcomes. But it’s still woodworking, as well as it is achievable to do your personal DIY cupboard refacing. Several providers specialize in using veneers, doors, cabinets, and also hardware for home owners who want to try cabinetry refacing themselves. Nonetheless, despite DIY materials, you may anticipate refacing to set you back 30 to 40 per-cent of what brand-new cupboards price.

02. Gauging.

Cabinetry refacing begins with a measuring tape. The cabinetry refacing company begins by getting here to take comprehensive dimensions. In this instance, the homeowner stated that this was actually a pain-free process, in and out in 30 minutes. They’ll most likely staff a worker who merely performs measuring if it’s a significant cupboard refacing firm.

03. Clearing away Doors and also Drawers.

Next, a technician from the installation firm are going to show up to take out the closet doors as well as compartments, a method that often takes simply a hr or two.

Preferably, donate the compartments and also doors to reusing hubs that approve property remodeling products. Habitation For Humanity ReStores do an excellent job of maintaining lots of excess components away from land-fills through bicycling it back to various other homes.

Who clears away the contents of the closets? You. Give on your own time for this work– you’ll be surprised at just how much stuff you invite your cabinets.

04. Administering Veneer Skins.

The upcoming step is for the refacing workers to install the new laminate skins to the closet package sides as well as face structures. This is perhaps the most lengthy and also hard step in the method, as well as you can anticipate a team of two to four individuals to be in your kitchen area right component of a time or 2 as they carefully cut and also administer veneer parts to every exposed surface area of the cabinetries.

Some laminates use peel-and-stick request, while others are applied with connect with cement or other adhesives. Curlers are actually made use of to attach the new skin to cabinetries (details the curler on the floor). Cupboard refacing is actually a demanding method along with little room for mistake.

05. Putting together Drawers.

As soon as the brand-new veneer skin layers deal with the cabinet carcasses and also face frames, the team will definitely put together and set up the drawers. In many cases, this will definitely mean putting in new compartment fronts on the existing cabinet containers, however if the old drawers reside in poor form, the crew may put up all-new compartments.

06. Mounting New Cabinet Doors.

The refacing group is going to now install brand-new doors on the structures of the cabinetries. In unusual instances, including with Euro-style piece doors in good shape, it might be actually possible to re-skin the doors with new laminates. Regularly, though, brand new doors are put up– usually with brand new joints, also.

07. Incorporating Hardware.

The final refacing action is actually to mount the door handles and drawer pulls. While you may get your very own equipment in other places (or decline the outdated cabinetry components), this individual determined to use equipment offered due to the refacing provider. There is usually a discount on the cost of brand new equipment when you buy it as portion of the overall package.

08. Cleaning Up.

Cabinetry refacing produces tons of dirt. The company you opt for ought to perform an in depth job of cleaning along with an industrial hoover furnished along with a dirt filter.

Pointer: To make sure a cleaner kitchen, offer the refacing provider along with a separate workspace. This home owner assigned space in her three-car garage for the installer to function. This gave the installer with lots of standard areas and electrical outlets, as well as the individual was rewarded with less wreck in the kitchen area.

09. The Result.

With refacing comprehensive, the resident is awarded with a kitchen area that searches brand-new but which set you back regarding one-half that of setting up brand new cabinets.

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